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About Our Initiative


In 2016, the Zeta Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order at High Point University began ‘Operation KARE’ (Knowledge, Awareness, Results, Empowerment) - a student led initiative aimed at raising money to provide Track Chairs for wounded veterans. We were motivated by the service and sacrifice of the brave men and women who serve in uniform. Realizing that they were not much older than we were at the time, we wanted to do something tangible and meaningful for them. We have worked to grow this initiative to other Kappa Alpha Order chapters on college campuses from coast to coast, and since 2016 have raised AND donated over $500,000 to the Independence Fund to provide Track Chairs and other wellness programs for veterans around the country. To achieve this, we have built a nationwide coalition of over 1,000+ donors — individuals, businesses, and other organizations — from around the country. We hope you will join with our organization's expanding initiative to support The Independence Fund and our very deserving veterans.

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Our Mission

Operation K.A.R.E. is on a mission to give back to the men and women who have been wounded fighting for our freedom, and improve their quality of life.

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Michael Verardo

April 2016

Afghanistan veteran, Micheal Verardo, receives a replacement all-terrain Track Chair from Kappa Alpha Order's Zeta Phi chapter. Zeta Phi was able to raise $26,000 to donate towards this cause.

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Steve Slate

Veterans Day Celebration 2019

High Point University's Zeta Phi chapter was able to provide an Action Track Chair to a deserving veteran in their area. With help from Operation KARE and The Independence Fund, brothers of Kappa Alpha Order were able to change a life on this day.

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